Every election, too many conservatives stay home due to dissatisfaction with the Republican candidates, bitterness that their primary candidate lost, or because of a single issue that they don’t feel is being properly represented. This isn’t a new phenomenon, and many theories have been posited as to why it occurs and whether it is a bad thing. Recently, Allen West posted a poll in which 7.4% of conservatives are so dissatisfied with the plethora of 2016 Republican Presidential candidates that they wouldn’t vote.

How does this relate to gun rights in Virginia?

Well, during the 2013 gubernatorial election, Bill Bolling’s sour grapes about Ken Cuccinelli successful manipulation of the nomination process from a primary to a convention caused a significant rift in the Grand Old Party. As a part of this rift, many Bolling supporters ultimately stayed home. Other conservatives were turned off by Ken Cuccenelli’s alleged ties to Star Scientific, though those where mostly rebutted. Others were turned off by the crazy-train run straight off the rails by the not-for-prime-time E.W. Jackson. Whatever the reasons, 2013’s conservative turnout was even lower than most years when simple disaffection kept conservatives away from the polls. The result? A sweep of the state-wide offices by the Democrats. Even the well-respected Mark Obenshain, who ran a great race.

How good of a race? His race came within 165 votes of victory. We were 165 votes away from a solid conservative as Attorney General. Now many will rail that we needed to lose that election to teach the establishment to respect the grass-roots…blah, blah, blah. Sorry folks. Only 165 more conservatives turning out to vote in 2013 would mean our concealed weapons permits wouldn’t have been eviscerated value by your proudly liberal Attorney General Mark Herring. Those 165 people staying home had a devastating effect on our rights, and those 165 people are to blame for the continued erosion of the 2nd Amendment in Virginia.

Here is the message folks:

Your Republican nominee may not be your first choice. May not align perfectly with your views. May not be conservative or moderate or whatever enough for you. But the Republican nominee is also not a Democrat. That means you need to vote for them, or you end up with your rights being stripped away!

In 2016, this will be even more important than ever. It is very probably that there will be FOUR U.S. Supreme Court Justices appointed by the next president. This means that we need the most electable candidate nominated, and once we have a nominee EVERYONE must support that nominee. I don’t care who it is on the way-too-long list. Any one of them will be better than allowing a Democrat to choose the next four Supreme Court Justices. If that happens, there will be no such thing as gun rights anymore.