Young Republicans Call for Commonwealth to Investigate Planned Parenthood and Affiliates
For Immediate Release:
Joe Desilets
In response to recent videos that have come to light featuring Planned Parenthood executives detailing the harvest and sale of aborted baby organs the Young Republican Federation of Virginia, led by Chairman Dan Webb, have called for Attorney General Mark Herring to begin a full investigation of Virginia’s Planned Parenthood affiliates.
Along with this call, Chairman Webb issued the following statement:
“Never in my life have I seen a more stomach churning display of callousness. The actions that Planned Parenthood undertakes have always been reprehensible and now the veneer of ‘women’s health’ has been decidedly cracked with the exposure of recent comments showing a complete lack of human decency by top officials in this organization. Not only is Planned Parenthood involved in a trade as reprehensible as the harvesting and selling of fetal organs but they cross a clear line in medical ethics and endanger the well-being of their patients by adjusting their abortion techniques to meet the requests of organ buyers.
“Planned Parenthood has spent millions of dollars trying to convince people that what they are aborting are not actually babies but ‘blobs of tissue’ yet these videos have revealed that they are killing infants developed enough for them to remove and sell specific functioning organs.
“The Millennial generation is an increasingly pro-life generation, and a generation weary of the Democratic Party’s rigidly ideological embrace of abortion on demand and its knee-jerk defense of pro-abortion groups. It is time for Attorney General Mark Herring to stand up and investigate this organization.”
Daniel Webb has served as Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia since 2015, previously serving as the organization’s 1st Vice Chairman starting in 2013.