Is Gecker serious about his bid in the 10th Senatorial? Well, he has already put $131,585 of his own money into the race in an attempt to win a job that only pays $18,000 a year. Plus, Gecker’s own company, “Urban Development Associates” donated another $33,157 in self-funding. Add in another $60,000 from the New Orlean’s based Tax Credit Capital Federal Fund and $10,000 from the Small Deal Fund LLS, both companies who list Gecker as their Registered Agent.  That is more than $100,000 in self-funding funneled through Gecker’s businesses.

But wait, there is more!  The shadiest of these shady donations is the $25,000 given to Gecker from the Rekee Company. When this Gecker-related company tried to build a privately financed baseball stadium for the Squirrels, Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones said to the Richmond Times Dispatch “Obviously, it’s a plan from Dan Gecker, who’s a supervisor from Chesterfield.”  Gecker denied this but would not state what his role with the deal was.  Next on Gecker’s donations list? $12,500 from Stephen Leibovic, who RTD says is also a part of Gecker’s secret stadium dealings.

So, when analyzing the finances of the top six Gecker donors for his Senate race we find…. Dan Gecker himself plus three of his companies combining for a total of $244,742 out of the $351,031that Gecker has raised to date.  That means the Gecker campaign is essentially 69.7% self-funded. Add in the $37,500 from the shady stadium company that appears to be further Gecker self-dealing and we have a campaign that is a full 80% self-funded.

So to the voters in the 10th Senatorial District, you have a clear choice:  You may elect public servant Glen Sturtevant who has spent his career giving back to the community as a prosecutor and a school board member. Or you may elect perennial “One-Percenter” Dan Gecker, who’s back-room real-estate dealings and shady self-funding clearly show he is trying to buy a senate seat.

The choice is clear.  Glen Sturtevant in the 10th Senatorial.