On Father’s Day, I would like to put forward what I feel is the most compelling reason to have a primary instead of a convention. Family First.

To participate in convention requires young families that do not live in the immediate area of the convention to uproot and travel in order to participate in the electoral process and choose their candidate of choice.  For larger families, this is often a significant financial burden on the family as well as being a logistical nightmare.  Thus it serves not only as a poll tax favoring the wealthy who can more easily travel, but it makes it disparately more difficult for young families who often have many activities scheduled and responsibilities on weekends to participate. If you vote Convention, you are alienating the young families that you hope to become the core of the future party by making it more difficult for these important constituents to participate. This is doubly or triply true for those who live in the conservative bastions of Southwest and rural Virginia. This is not the way to grow a party or recruit conservatives from remote areas to become more involved.

On Father’s Day – give young fathers who want to be a part of the Conservative movement a break. Vote Primary not Convention.