Another call for a primary

B. Franklin


The CVR-PAC posted a letter to Chairman Whitbeck today as a plea for a primary vs. Convention.  I agree with them and hope the SCC is listening to the people of the Commonwealth.

” John Whitbeck and RPV,

Mr. Whitbeck as you approach the biggest vote of your tenure as Chairman we hope you consider allowing the citizens of the Commonwealth to vote for their candidate for President. We personally saw and exposed Republican candidates asking Democrats to vote in the recent local primaries. This behavior might be avoided if a deal can be worked out to hold both primary elections the same day. If the Democrats and the board of elections allow it why not have a single ballot with D’s and R’s on it. The voters pick one and both candidates are picked, granted I don’t know if this is possible but if so why not?

Mr. Whitbeck and members we are very concerned about the growing divide in our party and firmly believe strength lies in unity. We believe your 1st obligation is to unite the factions of the party and rebuild the broken tent. You were given a huge responsibility we hope you can end the squabbles that continue to discourage voters and membership. Please vote Primary so none of us have to relive the Richmond Convention.

Thank you,

David P. Southall

Central Virginia Republicans ”


This is the same PAC that exposed candidates for their poor decisions during the local primaries.  Remember these from Virginia Virtucon.


Maybe the RPV should listen to the CVR-PAC.