Seriously people. …

B. Franklin

The past few days have done nothing for unity. From blogs, PACs and social media all of you that have forgotten we have an election in November.  If we continue to show weakness we will lose the Senate.  The opposition is watching our fights and picking what they will use to win. The constant destruction of candidates and campaigns is going to polarize the same people we want to show up for us in November.  Hypothetically speaking the districts are 45-45 split,  if the other 10% becomes inedated with our personal issues they won’t want to be a part of the drama.  We have no need to hand over the elections,  they will be hard enough to win.

While on the subject of elections please end the debate over conventions,  I’ve never been a part of one when the best candidate was chosen.  If we expect the people to show up at the general maybe we should give them the opportunity too chose the candidate.