With Conservative blogs across the Commonwealth making their name by attacking Republicans daily, we thought it was time to have a blog that told real stories and promoted the party, its candidates and the good things that are being done. Our goal should be to promote the Republican cause and focus our ire on the Democrats – who are the real adversary.  For this, we have SCHOOL OF ATHENS.

You may notice that our authors generally write under pseudonyms.  This is intentional. We find that the articles should be the center of what you are reading and not the author. Further, for some of our authors it allows greater freedom of expression without subjecting them to personal attacks for their viewpoints. As you can see in other blogs the author is attacked more than the point they are trying to make. Our blog has already been attacked by some of the big dogs on the block. That is to be expected when you are trying to do something different, as we are not a blog full of poison arrows aimed at those who should be allies.

Those who have so far endorsed our idea and will follow our blog, we thank you. Those who don’t want to follow us, that’s the beauty of America. You can do what you want and continue to watch the Republican party fight and devour itself, but we will not be part of that brand.