Allow me to introduce myself

B. Franklin

Later this summer I will close the book on my first 35 years.  It has been an interesting first half of my life,  God willing I make it to seventy.  I have completed my journey from bleeding heart liberal in my teens and twenties to a relatively conservative republican having no idea what took me so long to figure out how wrong I was.  I personally didn’t pay enough attention to what was actually going on around me, as long as I had money in my pocket what else mattered.  Around the time my daughter was born, 2007, I began to become more aware of what was going on outside my little universe. I freshened up on my understanding of the Constitution,  read the federalist papers,  began independent studies of economics and the framing of America.  I focused primarily on the background of various ideas, not current events so not to cloud my judgment.  At times throughout the journey of becoming a Republican I allowed outside influences sway me hard to the right to only realize that their personal agendas were not in line with the original intent of the Constitution and federalist papers.  As many of the hard right do I had a blog that pushed back hard against the left and moderate right, sadly the energy I wasted writing to end the “tyranny ” could have been better used for promoting good candidates and growing my own base for future campaigns.  One thing I learned about the fringe activist of either side are they are Fairweather friends.  They will gladly support you as long as you support their cause of the week. Frankly this logic does not fix what is wrong with society.

News cycle politics and policy is a bandaid for a system that is breaking down in front of us. It actually could be the cause of the breakdown,  prior to 24/7 news and horribly biased reporting we had accomplishments in government.  Reagan rebuilt an economy,  Newt got the contract with America, C-span and short segments in the evening news gave us highlights of the happenings in DC. Then came CNN, Bush got beat by his own words “read my lips “, a liar and cheater became a rock star and was dubbed the 1st black president.  Impeachment was swept under the table as an attack by the rascally republicans.  The same news media ignored the dangers of repelling Glass-Steagall and enacting Fair Housing, to the day they can’t seem to connect the housing bust and bank crash. We watched an ice age in the 70s become global warming which became climate change.  We saw the towers come down and a great leader ripped apart 24 hours a day. But…..

This same news media gave us Obama,  honestly he may be the best thing that’s happened to the Republicans in years.  His epic failures highlight the deeper issues with Progressive and Liberal ideology.  It is now our responsibility to ensure that the people understand why our ideas are better.  Teach why Reagan was correct,  explain why the 10th amendment matters,  the real meaning of the 1st, 2nd and 4th.  We obviously can’t rely on schools to advance the real reason we aren’t a confederacy and why we are a “republic ma’am, if you can keep it”.