Fresh off the appointment of becoming Finance Chair, Pete Snyder and John Whitbeck issued an interesting challenge to the Republicans of Virginia. 

The press release as follows

Dear Virginia Republicans,

RPV needs your help.  
You may have seen that our good friend – and now newly minted Finance Chairman, Pete Snyder, has issued a Grassroots Challenge  –  if we can raise $50,000 in grassroots contributions by June 1, Pete will match your contribution dollar for dollar!

This means your generous contribution to RPV will be DOUBLED!

Here’s the challenge – I’m asking you to contribute $10, $20, or $50 today to kick-start Pete’s RPV Grassroots Challenge.

Your $10, $20, or $50 generous contribution today will help RPV:

  • recruit up to 10,000 new volunteers and supporters across the Commonwealth
  • be competitive this fall in all 140 General Assembly races
  • build grassroots volunteer organizations in most if not all of Virginia’s 95 counties
  • develop a 2015-2017 war chest that can compete with everything the Obama/Clinton/McAuliffe liberal democrats will have during this crucial time.

When you contribute $10, $20, or $50 towards the Grassroots Challenge, your donation will go twice as far.

With you help we can break down the wall between donors and doers and get our party back on a winning streak.  I’ve made my contribution to the Grassroots Challenge, and I invite you to join me by contributing here!

On To Victory!

John Whitbeck

This can only be successful if Republicans start to work together and let go of petty fights and grudges, and get back to our team spirit of winning and embracing our values. Lets do this and become the winning team, and not the one at constant battle with itself.