George Allen for U.S. Senate Campaign Announces 2nd Quarter Fundraising Numbers
Henrico, VA – Today, the George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign announced its strongest fundraising quarter of the campaign, raising over $2 million since April 1. The second quarter report will show that the Allen campaign has over $3.34 million cash-on-hand.
“Susan and I are so very grateful for the growing support and generosity of people who share a vision of a better future for families, small businesses and hardworking taxpayers,” said George Allen. “Each day people from every region of Virginia are joining our dedicated grassroots team, and we’re encouraged by the strong growth in supporters who gave us our largest fundraising quarter of the campaign. Our positive message for freedom and opportunity is resonating throughout Virginia as we fight for a more efficient, effective government that spends less and serves better. Virginians are energized to bring their voices back to Washington to restore personal economic freedom, confidence in our future and the American Dream.”


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