It is true that our focus should be on the election of 2012, fighting for the Victory of Gov. Romney and to help George Allen return to the Senate. The problem is many of us political junkies are in fact looking at the other elections especially here in Virginia we are looking at next year. The election of our state Leadership is already shaping up to be a drama filled cluster of political drama, and I have already picked sides… Well as of last week I did and that is when I decided to support for Mark Obenshain for Atty General.  I wrote Senator Obenshain last week and asked one question who do you admire in history, to me it’s important to know who people look up to, since most tend to emulate those folks in politics. Here is his answer (republished with permission of course).

Firstly, I’m a Christian, so for me, all other historical figures pale before the incarnate Son of God, and while it may sound like a pat answer, it’s also true, and redemptive history is the greatest history of all. Limiting myself to historical figures of mortal persuasion, I’d have to say that I have a particular admiration for Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill.

Jefferson is one of the most interesting, accomplished, and influential figures in American  history — endlessly complex, frequently conflicted, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes exacerbating, but ceaselessly fascinating. I first read Dumas Malone’s landmark six volume biography of Jefferson while in college, and I recently picked it up again. Jefferson is just that interesting.

 Reagan was a dynamic and positive leader with a can-do attitude and an honest and direct approach sadly none to common among political leaders. A happy warrior, he embraced an optimistic vision of what America could be and helped bring out the best in America.

 Theodore Roosevelt’s political philosophy was hardly conservative, but there’s something impressive about his boundless enthusiasm and adventurous spirit. And Winston Churchill, whose growl is as famous as Teddy Roosevelt’s grin, saw his country, and the world, through the ravages of World War II with determination and resolve, who persevered and saw it it that the life of the world would move forward into those “broad, sunlit uplands.” He was a great wartime leader (and scholar) who believed in the greatness of his country and made others believe as well.

 None of these, save Christ, were perfect; each had their flaws, some significant. But each left a mark, imparted a vision, and led with a zeal, purpose, and resolve that I truly admire.

I wanted to share this with all of you as you may be still deliberating on who you want to lead Virginia, and I support Senator Obenshain next year for Atty General. I believe he is a man who will continue the tradition of our past Atty Generals to fight for Virginians and will be there to represent the state and not his own self-interest..

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