I Recently posted this on Virginia Virtucon in case you missed it :

Pleased to meet you, I hope you know my name. I am a typical Black guy that you want to vote for you. Though the unemployment rate of our people is much higher than the national average, and those promises you made to make sure all of us voted for you, have not come about. I do however see you giving amnesty to illegal immigrants; redefine the definition of marriage and putting the economy in the toilet to hand out more free things. However I don’t see any increase in opportunity, not for just merely blacks but hard working Americans in general. Mr. President I see you as a failure a liar and a panderer. I would say when you let the polls run your presidency and not you dedication to the country as a whole, or promises made in 2008 you are indeed a failure. Why would you ask folks to have your back? You have turned your back on the people who elected you, and you make no apologies for your arrogant and unthinking decisions. I am truly afraid of what you may come up with next; will your next job program include cotton fields? or will they include real jobs to support families. Will you continue to support the redefinition of marriage? or will you work to help families strengthen existing marriages? Will you continue to make the lives of those who are here illegal easier? Or will you help the American’s who are here and are victims of your failed economic policies? I think after four years its apparent you were way over your head in running for this office, maybe you can go organize one of the illegal immigrant communities in January that you have created, and leaving the governing to the grown-ups. Obama does not care about black people. And I wish you would stop pretending that you did, stop with your hip Hop radio ads and McDonalds style commercials, that’s the equivalent of talking down to us, that’s the equivalent of thinking we are stupid and don’t know what you are doing in the Peoples House, I know one thing you are not doing and that’s the work of the People…Good day


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