When I joined the FCRC it around the same time as Anthony Bedell took Chairmanship of FCRC . Over the years I have gotten to know him to be honest direct and fair and was partly the reason I stayed active with the FCRC. He recently agreed to answer a few questions for my new School of Athens blog and didn’t want the generic questions..so I did the best I could with these .. take a look :

Well Terrence I see by your questions you think you are the new Mike Wallace! I will answer the best that I can.

The elections of 2011 you took a lot of criticism for focusing on certain races and not others, resulting in only one pick up on the school board in hindsight respond to these attacks?

— No we did everything we could as a Party. We provided unprecedented campaign support to many races. In the end we can’t control if voters didn’t vote for our candidates, and most importantly, in a very low turnout election in Fairfax, Republicans aren’t going to win. The numbers don’t lie.

Did you accomplish much of what you set out to do or did you feel it was your time to walk away before you did?

— We accomplished everything we needed to do as a party in Fairfax. We rebuilt a debacle into a relevant Party in a blue County. And we won. End of story.

In your tenure as Chairman what would you do over and why?

— Two things… One I never should have endorsed in the Fimian-Herrity primary. That was wrong. I didn’t realize the negative impact that would have on my Chairmanship and the Party. Second… I would reverse my record in special elections. It was 2-4. It should have been 4-2. That is a major do over.

What did the democrats do better then you when you were Chairman what did we do better?

— It ‘s easy for them. It’s a blue County. They raise union money. Their incumbents fund their Party. I think the fact we won Fairfax during my term proves they were not better than us during the last 3.5 years. If they were… Then we wouldn’t be having this interview.

How do you believe you made the party stronger then it was before you were there?

— We rebuilt the FCRC from a debt ridden, non important committee into a relevant powerhouse statewide. People don’t remember or realize that in December 2008 our team inherited a committee in 30 k debt, being sued, down to 187 paid members, down to two Supervisors, three endangered Delegates, and no money in the bank. By contrast when my team left office We had 652 paid members, more Republicans elected than when we took over in Fairfax, no debt, we won awards statewide, and we left the new Chairman with $43k in the bank. So you tell me are we stronger?

Did you invest to much time in any project while Chairman that you now see as a waste of time?

— No
Anything you’ve done that you don’t believe you get enough credit for?

— I didn’t do this to get credit. I did it to win… And we did.

What’s a major misconception about your Chairmanship you would like to clear up?

— I heard during the Chairman’s campaign I wasn’t “engaged” enough or in the HQ enough. Well that’s just bull shit.

Are you running for Congress?

— Hell no

Who do you see as future leaders in the FCRC and yes name names?

— Terrence Boulden of course!

As you know Jay McConville was selected as the new Chairman last month..Good Luck to Jay and his new Executive team.