Jay, I know you have seen the attacks on you on the blogs what is your reaction?

I am not concentrating on that, only on building our grassroots effort to support our candidates.  We have a lot to do and my first job is to put our team together.  We’ve made great progress on that and I am very pleased.

How did you come to your decision on who should head your transition team?

David Skiles has a great deal of experience with the mechanics of the FCRC.  He has been a tremendous resource during this period.  As a former FCRC Executive Director, and active member of the committee in many ways, he has the right knowledge and experience to get the job done.  I also reached out to people in the party from many perspectives, people I had become familiar with over the years and people who have great ideas and sage advice.  I thank everyone for serving on the transition team.

Will you continue the grassroots efforts started by Bedell or are you going in a diff direction?

Absolutely we will continue those efforts!  Our priority is to build and support the grassroots efforts needed to elect our GOP Candidates.  So, I’ll be working very hard to ensure we have the best operation we can have and that we work to support all our candidates.

How are you taking the heat?

What drives me is winning – we need to defeat President Obama, elect a Republican Senator from Virginia, re-elect Congressman Frank Wolf, and defeat Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran.  We need to do all of this while building our capabilities for 2013 and beyond.  I am excited about doing that and have enough to keep me busy.  I thank everyone for their support – it will take great teamwork to get it all done, but our cause is worth all of our efforts.

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