First, I would like to say that I have a host of Virginian politicians that I admire and look up too. Two that top my list are Ken Cucinelli and Delegate Scott Lingamfelter. These two men are dedicated to the Commonwealth regardless of the criticism they receive and truly are out to do what is right for the people that they represent.  Virginia is also blessed to be represented by folks like Senators Dick Black, Tom Garrett and even locally with leaders like Chairman Corey Stewart and Supervisor Pat Herrity.  But this post is not about the folks who hold office at all; this post is about those who believe they are better than those who hold office.

I have been involved in political “theater” for some time and it seems as if the characters that bring down party politics never change. I am going to take a minute and break down a few of these characters for you.

The Sage

We have the sage who knows all about campaigns but will not make a phone call to help out any candidate. They think they know the best strategy and will make sure to tell you the best way to do it, but are above actually doing it.

The Encourager

The Encourager is not always a bad character. Everyone can use a little encouragement and it is good that we encourage our candidates to run. But the time where the Encourager becomes bad for party politics is when they encourage a candidate to run and then quickly turn on them once they start to pick up traction. These characters are close to the next one, but I believe that their intentions different.

The Two-Facers

Finally, we have the two-facer. This is a prominent character, especially here in Northern Virginia. Ken Cuccinelli is an example of a candidate I have seen become a target for most of these folks. When our Attorney General shows up to an event, people trip all over themselves to shake his hand, grab a picture or just say hello. Once he is out of the room, though, they are quick to stab him in the back. These are the folks that make people in politics look bad, and, as I said, this is the character that dominates Northern Virginia Politics.

I was contemplating leaving politics for that reason alone, but instead I have decided to stick around and call out the two-facers.  I personally have nothing to lose by doing so, and if it makes the party stronger, then I will.  Our candidates need true supporters, not those who are desperate for face time.

I will admit that I am excited about 2013 and I consider Ken Cuccinelli my mentor. I would love nothing more than to see him as our next Governor and will do all I can to help him make it happen.